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experience OZEN

an eco-village, international meditation & yoga resort on a 20 hectares sub-tropical forest property with a cenote at its center, living creative arts, music, dance, yoga, massage, also offering training courses, therapies, retreats and ancient mayan wisdom


with 72 residencies and common buildings as the buddha hall, modern palapas, art center, music studio, massage center, dining hall, Italian restaurant, asian restaurant and indian restaurant, welcome center, one earth kitchen

we offer various core methods of meditations like vipassana, zazen, dynamic, kundalini, nadabrahma, nataraj, mandala, whirling, gourishankar, devavani, and other transformative meditation techniques for free, as well we support meditativeness in the modern day to day life and work as meditation

we will also soon provide more facilities as the spa with swimming pool and gymnasium, temazcal, martial arts dodjo and a zazen vipassana modern temple

a unique place full of creative people with residents, volunteering team and visitors that include painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers, cinematographers, designers, architects, vegan cooks, gardeners, sound engineers, meditation and yoga teachers and more, all giving their hearts for this place to function and thrive, under the vision and inspiration of OZEN rajneesh to create a place for sannyasins to live meditatively and share in celebration


we also offer meditations and therapies like mystic rose, born again, no mind, painting group, breath, prana healing, primal and work as meditation

we accept donations out of gratitude, as our intention is to share meditation

maya mystica

the tropical forest is flourishing with medicinal plants, one of our aspirations is the revival of ancient mexican traditions like the sacred fire dance, herbal wholeness, purifying soul rituals, mayan healing circle, the wisdom of the medicine man, shamanic ceremonies, trance dance, temazcal and the popular cacao ceremony

the project

the OZEN eco-village is a non-profit organization founded by OZEN rajneesh with the vision of creating a heavenly place where spiritual seekers from all over the world can meet, celebrate life and grow their inner light towards their own self-realization

arts village

the OZEN arts village receives arts residences in an interactive space between nature building & art form

we invite local artisans to train and teach their arts and crafts such as dreamcatchers, ceramic pottery, wood carving, bamboo work, textile work, and more


the mystical circle

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