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experience meditation, silence, tranquility and healthy living in a

beautiful natural space created for the growth of human consciousness

located in the exotic jungle amidst the mayan riviera, this meditation resort, ashram and eco-village, is one unique jewel of awe-inspiring architecture and conscious celebration

a dream project of OZEN rajneesh, a disciple and devotee of beloved master OSHO

including an arts village, an oasis for creativity, crafts, music and dance, yoga, a school for healthy nutrition, healing therapies, training courses, martial arts and ancient human knowledge

50 minute car ride from cancun international airport and only 8 kms from playa del carmen


this space is a healthy detox zone created to dive deep into your inner bliss and celebrate life

meditation center playa del carmen

our resort is mystical place for seekers and artists, a buddha's mystery school for the inner science that offers practice and training courses in ancient mayan traditions, buddhist vipassana, tibetan teachings, indian ayurveda, yoga, healing panchkarma and much more

cacao ceremony playa del carmen
satsang playa del carmen

join our amazing events of music, light and dance together with meditation and yoga, pre-hispanic ceremonies, satsang with OZEN rajneesh come to celebrate !! you'll love it, the location, the people, the invited artists and teachers, all make our festivals unforgettable experiences

OZEN rajneesh is a living enlightened master sharing his experience and wisdom, he is giving satsang during festivals and retreats in the ashram as compassionate gatherings of friends and visitors questions are made from the audience and subjects of life are spoken upon

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